AdoptOpenJDK Open for Business

Before downloading a JDK from Oracle, you need to know two things. (1) You can't use that software in production without a paid license from Oracle (2) You can only get the current six-month release, not the long-term-support release there. For many users, the OpenJDK from is a better option. However, those downloads don't come with an installer. Here I provide simple installation instructions for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.


As of JDK 11, the usage rules for the Oracle JDK are complex. However, there is a free alternative: OpenJDK. There is no functional difference between the Oracle JDK and OpenJDK. If you want to learn or teach Java, or develop software with Java, I suggest that you go with OpenJDK unless you have a specific business reason to use the Oracle JDK.

The AdoptOpenJDK foundation has committed to providing builds that integrate security fixes well beyond Oracle's six month window. Those builds don't come with installers, but it is easy enough to do the installation with a small amount of command-line fu.

Here is my set of instructions that are optimized for simplicity, predictability, and transparency.

Windows 10

Mac OS


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