Closures? In Java 7???

Today, a tantalizing announcement by Mark Reinhold about closures in Java 7 has made its way through the twittersphere.

On the same day, Neal Gafter updated his closure proposal (known as the BGGA proposal, named after the initials of Bracha, Gafter, Gosling, and von der Ahé, and not at all related to the B. G. G. A. organization).

Presumably the timing is not a coincidence.

The proposal is a bit technical, so I thought I'd translate my understanding of it into some use cases. Here goes.

Overall, I like it. The simple things are simple, and there don't seem any hidden pitfalls.

Of course, someone out there will say "Oh my, oh my, that #(ActionEvent e){...} makes my head explode. It's not cuddly and comfortable like addActionListener(new ActionListener() { public void ActionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {...}});”.

To which I'll say “I rest my case”.

More interestingly, someone on the Project Coin mailing list tried to muddy the waters by asking how this feature interacts with other new features of Java 7, like

try (Closeable c = #() { System.out.println("YOUR HEAD A SPLODE"); }) {
   // ...

Ok, that means that the close method of c will be invoked in the finally clause, and that method is set to the #() {...}. What's so hard about that?

If this is indeed to come to pass in Java 7 (and I have absolutely no inside knowledge whether it will), I am willing to wait a bit longer. What do you think?