Java/CS1 Cheat Sheet

The next edition of my CS1/Java book is going to print soon. At the last minute, we decided to put the real estate of the inside covers to good use and include a “cheat sheet” with the most important Java control structures and libraries. Since it would be particularly embarrassing to have a typo here, I am hoping to enlist the aid of the community.

PDFs for the inside covers are here and here. If you spot a typo, please let me know in the blog comments. (But don't tell me about s.length—which should be s.length()—in the String Operations section. That is the only one I managed to spot.)

If you have other comments about what should be included/excluded in the cheat sheet, please let me know too. Your suggestions may not make it into this edition, but I do keep track for the next edition...which always comes sooner than I think. (But don't tell me that the switch statement must be included. Not only would it chew up a lot of real estate, but it is also something that one can do without in CS1. Students are supposed to learn computer science, not language minutiae.)

Thanks for your help! When the book goes into print, I'll update the cheat sheet links with the final versions so you can point the Java learners among your friends and family to them.