Recording and serving screencasts

I just learned how to make Flash screencasts on my Linux system and deliver them (with GlassFish) on a server that the computer science department received as a donation (thanks Sun!!!).

Why am I doing this? My publisher wants me to develop screencasts for my books, and I thought it could be useful for my students if I record my lectures. I use a smart board for the lectures, and a screencast that records the “smart” pen and voice works tolerably well.

On Windows, you can use Camtasia for making screencasts, and it works very nicely out of the box. In Linux, it is definitely “roll your own”, but you get a bit more control over the process. Here are the details.

Now on to serving the stuff to the public. YouTube isn't a solution for lectures—you can only upload 10 minutes worth of video. So, let's assume you have a server where someone else pays for the bandwidth :-)