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Question: What is the difference between the first and second edition?

Answer: The second edition is updated for Java 5.0. Where appropriate, the text and code examples are rewritten to take advantage of the following features:

Chapter 7 has a section on generic types and wildcards.
The treatment of JavaBeans in Chapter 7 has been simplified.
Chapter 9 introduces Lock and Condition objects before explaining the complex behavior of the built-in locks.

Otherwise, the content has not changed.

Question: Why did you change the bridge on the cover?

Answer: The Zakim bridge is surely a fine bridge, and it was the favorite of Paul Crockett, my former editor. However, when Paul left Wiley, I jumped at the chance of substituting my favorite, the Golden Gate bridge. Of course I am biased; I live 5 minutes away, in the beautiful San Francisco Presidio.

Question: What happened to super.paintComponent

Answer: If you extend a JPanel, you must call super.paintComponent in the paintComponent implementation of the subclass. In Swing terminology, a panel is "opaque", and it must paint its entire surface. However, a JComponent is transparent by default, and it will erase the background before invoking the paintComponent method. 

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