A Complete, One-Stop Introduction to Object-Oriented Design and Implementation!

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Mastering Object-Oriented Design in C++

Cay S. Horstmann of San Jose State University

Finding all the information you need to know about object-oriented design and programming can be a challenge. You can find a comparative study of object- orieinted programming languages, a specific language manual, and a guide to object-oriented analysis and design. But none of them will tell you how to combine the pieces and make object-oriiented technology work for you.

Everything You Need in One Manageable Package!

Now there's a one-stop reference that covers both design and implementation issues! Written by the bestselling author of MASTERING C++, this new reference covers all the design methods and language mechanisms that are essential for successful boject-oriented design and programming. It uses C++ as the implementation language, with special emphasis on the features that are important for solving real problems. You'll clearly see how object-oriented design methods are used in conjunction with C++. Plus, advanced software engineering features, including exceptions and name spaces, that were recently added to ANSI C++, are fully covered.

With Mastering Object-Oriented Design In C++:


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ISBN 0-471-59484-9

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