Cay S. Horstmann of San Jose State University

An Introduction to C++ for Pascal and C Programmers

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Mastering C++

This text is an introduction primarily into C++, and secondarily into object-oriented programming, for students and professionals who are familiar with another programming language such as Pascal or C++. The key features of the book are its pitfall sections, numerous exercises, and realistic examples. Guaranteed no panda bears, toasters, widgets, Class1, or other bogus sample code.

The second edition has been completely updated to the most current version of the emerging C++ standard and includes iostreams, templates and exception handling, and of course many more pitfalls. A disk with solutions to all programming exercises will be available for instructors adopting the book. The second edition will be available in Fall 1995.



New York / Chichester / Brisbane / Toronto / Singapore

ISBN 0-471-52257-0

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Download the file MCPPCODE.ZIP that contains example programs and data files from the book, keyed in and tested for your convenience. Instructors: Please contact your Wiley college sales representative for a disk with solutions to all homework problems. Sorry, that disk is not available to students :-)