Java SE 8 for the Really Impatient

Cay Horstmann

Addison-Wesley 2014

This short book gives an introduction to the many new features of Java 8 (and a few features of Java 7 that haven’t received much attention) for programmers who are already familiar with Java.

What you get:

What you don't get:

Available as printed book, DRM-free e-book, on Safari, and on Kindle

Here is the source code for the examples.

Gibberish in the book? Check here for the errata, or contribute a new bug report.

Table of Contents

  1. Lambda Expressions
  2. The Stream API
  3. Programming with Lambdas
  4. JavaFX
  5. The New Date and Time API
  6. Concurrency Enhancements
  7. The Nashorn JavaScript Engine
  8. Miscellaneous Goodies
  9. Java 7 Features That You May Have Missed