C++ for Everyone, 1st Edition

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How to Tell which Printing You Have

On the copyright page (facing the first page of the Preface), there is a printing history of the book. The printing history is a row of numbers that—at the 1st printing—looks like this:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

At each subsequent printing, one number is removed from the end of this row of numbers to indicate which printing of the book you have. For example, the last number in the row of numbers in the 2nd printing is 2, and so on. In the list below, [n] means that an error is fixed in the nth printing.

[2] Page 77
In Exercise P2.14, change “greater than or equal to 1,000” to “between 1,000 and 999,999” and change “Please enter an integer >= 1000:” to “Please enter an integer between 1,000 and 999,999:”.
Page 107
In the fourth line of the table in Quality Tip 3.5, change “10,400” to “104,000”.
Page 138 Figure 1
In the third block, “interest” should not be monospaced
[2] Page 235
In Exercise P5.24, delete “If n is even, then an = ((an/2)2.”
[2] Page 243
Change the last sentence before the table to begin “Note that in the loop condition the index is ...”
Page 283 Exercise P6.20
Remove “or if you are in the lower-right corner,”

Before “Decrement row”, add “Set row and column to their previous value.”

[2] Page 305
In the next-to-last row of Table 4, remove the ; after strncat(t, s, n)
[2] Page 329
Change “Manual closing is only necessary if you want to open the file again in the same program run.” to “Manual closing is only necessary if you want to use the stream variable again to process another file.”
[2] Page 337
In the next-to-last row of table 1, change 0...0 to 0...9
[2] Page 361
In Exercise P8.13, change the last sentence to read “Print the total of all country populations (excepting the entry for “European Union”)”.
[2] Page 413
In Exercise P9.19, change the member function “void get_position()” to “double get_position()”.
[2] Page 414
In Exercise P9.20, change “A constructor with a weight and an x-position (the y-position is initially 0)” to “A constructor with an x-position (the y-position is initially 0)”.
Page 426 Self Check 8
Change string get_name(); to string get_name() const;
Page 429
Change int ChoiceQuestion::display() const to void ChoiceQuestion::display() const (3x)
[2] Page 477
Change istrstream to istringstream and ostrstream to ostringstream

Thanks to Cindy Johnson and (your name might go here) for their bug reports and suggestions

Please report any remaining bugs in this edition on the bug report form.