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How to use Doxygen

  1. Download and unzip into, say, c:\doxygen-
  2. Add Javadoc comments to your templates, classes, and functions, for example
       Scales a vector.
       @param a a scalar
    @param b a vector
    @return the vector with each component multiplied by the scalar
    */ vector<int> operator*(int a, const vector<int>& b)
  3. Add a comment like this to the top of the file:
       CS101 Homework 1 Assignment 1.
       @file assign1.cpp
    @author Sally Student
    If you omit the @file tag, functions aren't extracted.
  4. From a command shell, run c:\doxygen-\bin\doxygen -g myproj.dox to generate a config file.
  5. Edit myproj.dox and change the following entry:
    INPUT = myfile1.cpp myfile2.cpp . . .
    You can change other entries if you like.
  6. Run c:\doxygen-\bin\doxygen myproj.dox to generate the documentation.
  7. Find files myfile1_cpp.html, myfile2_cpp.html, . . . in the html subdirectory

If you don't want to fuss with the config file, you can instead use

echo "INPUT=myfile1.cpp myfile2.cpp . . ." | c:\doxygen-\bin/doxygen -

(The - means “read from standard input”.)

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