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How to Tell which Printing You Have

On the copyright page (facing the first page of the Preface), there is a printing history of the book. The printing history is a row of numbers that—at the 1st printing—looks like this:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

At each subsequent printing, one number is removed from the end of this row of numbers to indicate which printing of the book you have. For example, the last number in the row of numbers in the 2nd printing is 2, and so on.

[B3C2] = fixed in Big Java's 3rd printing, Java Concepts 2nd printing
[B3] = fixed in Big Java's 3rd printing

Page 81
In Exercise P2.13, move 2π from the numerator to the denominator three times: `f=1/(2pi sqrt(L C))`, `f_min=1/(2pi sqrt(L C_max))`, `f_max=1/(2pi sqrt(L C_min))`
Page 216
In Self Check 9, change
double result = (x + y) / (y - x);
int result = (x + y) / (y - x);
Page 242
Section 5.9
In the program fragment at the very end, change
for (int j = 0; j < i; j++)
for (int j = 0; j <= i; j++)
Page 293
Change While (i < size / 2) to While i < size / 2
Page 300
In Figure 15, the first array should have type double[][].
Page 339
String line = nextLine(); should be String line = in.nextLine();
Page 374 Solution to Self Check 10
pre while (!Character.isWhiteSpace(line.charAt(j))) should be
while (Character.isWhiteSpace(line.charAt(j))) 
Page 374 Answer to Self Check 12
Change null null to "" ""
Page 452
In Syntax 9.2, change choices = new ArrayList<String>; to choices = new ArrayList<String>();
Page 640 Self Check 20
“with the first queen in position a2” should be “with the first queen in position b1
Page 671
Change the last equation from T(n) = 1 + log2(n) to T(n) = T(1) + log2(n)
Page 700
Change “Write a loop that prints every second element of a linked list of strings called words.” to “Write a loop that prints every other element of a linked list of strings called words, starting with the element at the front.”
Page 718
In the last row of the “Unprocessed Input” column in the last table, change 4 + 5 to 4 × 5
Page 725
Change TreeSet<K, V> to TreeSet<E>
Page 736
Instead, we make ... outer class → Instead, we make Node an inner class inside the LinkedList class. The methods of the outer class can access the public features of the inner class. (We could even declare the inner class as private, so that it cannot be accessed anywhere other than from the outer class. However, for simplicity we do not do that in this book.)
Page 738
a private inner class → an inner class
Page 769
Change the first two lines of the program run to
Page 772 Exercise R16.16
Change “the reference at position n – n % 10” to “the reference at index n / 10
Page 775 P16.1
Remove static from the getNode method.
Page 804 Self Check 23
“Figure 17” should be “Figure 16”
Page 806
Change log(n + 1) to log2(n + 1) (2x)
Page 824 section_7/
Change the comment “Sorts an array, using selection sort.” to “Sorts an array, using heap sort.”
Page 826
Change Self Check 16 to: “What is the result of calling HeapSorter.fixHeap(a, 1, 4) and then HeapSorter.fixHeap(a, 0, 4) where a contains 1 4 9 5 3?”
Page 836 Answer to Self Check 29
In the last figure, the "X" node should not be the right child node of node n2 but should be the right child node of n4.
Page 845 Self Check 13
Change “If you have an array list
ArrayList<String> a = new ArrayList<>(10);
how do you fill it with ten "*"?” to: “If you have an ArrayList<String> a, how do you replace all elements with "*"?”
Page 851
Change Self Check 22 to: “Suppose we want to implement a method that computes both the minimum and maximum of an array of measurable objects, returning an array of length 2:
public static <E extends Measurable> E[] minmax(E[] objects)
Why doesn’t this work?” Change the answer to: The method would need to create the array of length 2 and type E. However, you cannot construct an array of a generic type.
Page 852
private static classstatic class
Chapter 17 Worked Example 2 Page 13
assertEquals(letters, t.toString().remove(" ", ""));
should be
assertEquals(letters, t.toString().replace(" ", ""));
Chapter 17 Worked Example 2 Page 14
Change “435,974,400 red-black trees with black height 2” to “25,728,160,000 red-black trees with black height 3”
Chapter 17 Worked Example 2 Page 18
Change “The resulting tree has constant black height, but it might still not be a valid red-black tree because it might have double-red violations. We could test just that, but we need to have a general method that tests the red-black properties after the removal.” to “The resulting tree might not be a valid red-black tree. It might have some leaves with greater black height than the node to be removed, or it might have double-red violations. We will develop a method to check that a red-black tree is valid and call it before and after the removal.”
Section 22.3
Change \n to \r\n (3x)
Appendix E Page A-30
a private inner class → an inner class

Thanks to Michael D'Egidio, Joaquim Mendes, Barry Nichols, Mark Oliva, Anthony Rutledge, Larry A. Taylor, and (your name might go here) for their bug reports and suggestions

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