Running the MBS Case Study with Eclipse 3.0

Cay S. Horstmann

Note: This document is now rather outdated. For an updated version, please see


Eclipse is a popular integrated development environment for Java programming. You may find this Eclipse tutorial helpful, particularly if you use Big Java or Java Concepts.

The Marine Biology Simulation Case Study is used in the AP Computer Science exam. Its purpose is to give students an opportunity to study a program of significant complexity, and to provide a shared background for exam questions.

This note explains how to run the MBS Case Study in the Eclipse environment.

File Preparation

Eclipse Preparation

You will create a special Eclipse project whose sole purpose is to be the basis of other projects. This initial step greatly reduces the tedium of configuring the source and JAR files for each MBS project.

Making a MBS Project

Follow these steps for each new project that you want to run. You would make a new project

Here are the steps required to make a new project.

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