Frequently Asked Questions

Big C++ Brief C++
Third Edition Third Edition
Can I get the book in print?
Instructors can request a custom ISBN for a printed version that is customized for a course.
What is the difference between Big C++ and Brief C++ ?
Big C++ is, well, big. It supports a two semester/three quarter course that covers an introduction to programming as well as data structures. Brief C++ contains the first 12 chapters of Big C++.
What is the difference between Brief C++ and C++ for Everyone ?
The name has changed in the third edition because it is easier to explain Big/Brief than Big/For Everyone.
What is the difference between the third edition of Big C++ and prior editions?
The book has been rewritten to be better aligned with typical college courses. The older editions were boldly “objects first”, and the later parts were at an advanced level. Now objects and classes are covered after loops and arrays, and some advanced C++ material has been replaced by a more in-depth coverage of data structures and algorithms.