Python for Everyone, 2nd Edition

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How to Tell which Printing You Have

On the copyright page (facing the first page of the Preface), there is a printing history of the book. The printing history is a row of numbers that—at the 1st printing—looks like this:

10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

At each subsequent printing, one number is removed from the end of this row of numbers to indicate which printing of the book you have. For example, the last number in the row of numbers in the 2nd printing is 2, and so on. In the list below, [n] means that an error is fixed in the nth printing.

Page 380
Change “Write a sound file that contains 44,100 data points alternating between 30,000 and –30,000 at a sampling rate of 44,100.” to “Write a sound file that switches between the values -30,000 and 30,000, with each value repeated ten times before switching. Provide 44,100 values and set the sampling to 44,100.”

Thanks to Graig Donini and (your name might go here) for their bug reports and suggestions

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