Kawa is a simple Java environment that makes the JDK easier to use.

You can obtain Kawa from http://tek-tools.com.

Before installing Kawa, you need to install the JDK from Sun Microsystems. You can obtain the JDK at thejava.sun.com web site.

Setting up Kawa

When you first set up Kawa, you need to specify the paths for various JDK directories. Your setup dialog should look like this:

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However, if your JDK is in a directory that is different from c:\jdk1.2.1, then you'll need to supply your correct JDK path.

Compiling a program

This is where Kawa really shines. To compile a program, simply open the Java file and select Build|Compile. There is no need to first make a project.

Error messages show up in the Build window.

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Running an application

Running an application (console or graphics) is just as simple. Just select Build|Run from the menu. The program runs. Any console input and output occurs in the Output window at the bottom of the screen. Just type your input into that window.

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Running an applet

To run an applet, you need to create an HTML file with the applet tag. Select File|Open and specify the name of an HTML file. If the file does not yet exist, confirm that you want to create it. Type in the applet tag as follows:


Then select Build|Run. Kawa will start the applet viewer.

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