To create a 32 bit Windows project

    1. Add all Include files to your current directory
      • Locate the directory containing the CCC header files (typically, c:\ccc\cccfiles)
      • In File Manager or Explorer, copy its entire contents to the directory containing the program file to be built (for example, from c:\ccc\cccfiles to c:\ccc\examples\ch1)

    2. Select the Project | New option from the main menu of the Integrated Development Environment
      TC++ 4.5 Project | New

    3. In the resulting New Target dialog box
      TC++ 4.5 New Project dialog box

      • Under Project Path and Name: Type your project's name into Edit box
        (Generally, use the base filename of your primary .cpp file, do not erase the .ide)
        It will be preceded by a default path name and have an .ide suffix (Generally, use the same directory as your primary .cpp source file)
      • Under Target Type: Select Application[.exe]
      • Under Platform: Select Win32
      • Under Target Model: GUI
        TC++ 4.5 New Project - Name, Type, Platform, Model

      • Under Standard Libraries: Deselect OWL, then Deselect Class Library, leaving Runtime
      • Under Set the Radio Button for Static/Dynamic to Static
        New Target - Select Static Libraries, and 
        Deselect OWL & Class Libraries, Leave Runtime

      • Click on the Advanced Button, Deselect the .rc and .def options
        New Target - Advanced Options - Deselect .rc and .def

      • Click on OK

    4. Turn off precompiled headers
      • From Main Menu, select Options | Project
      • In the resulting Project Options dialog box, Double Click on Compiler and Select Precompiled Headers
        Remove precompiled headers

        • Select Do not generate or use
        • Delete the name of the compiler generated .csm file
        • Click on OK

        Remove precompiled headers

    5. When you are ready to build your program, select Project | Build All

      Main | Project | Build All

      Or, from the Debug option of the main menu, select Run to build a Debug project and Run it
      Main | Debug | Run