Welcome to the Big Java/Java Concepts FAQ!

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What is the difference between Big Java 4th ed. and Java Concepts 6th ed.?

Big Java has everything (24 chapters) in the printed book.

Java Concepts has the first 15 chapters in the printed book. However, most of the advanced topics and random facts are accessed through the Web, not the printed book. Chapters 16 - 18 are also available on the web. The result is a thinner and less expensive book.

What are the most important changes in the new edition?

Here is a more detailed feature mapping.

What is Wiley PLUS?

Wiley PLUS is Wiley's course management system. It comes with an online version of the book, a test bank, and a system for checking programming assignments.

According to Wiley, there is no additional cost for students to use Wiley PLUS, but the bookstore needs to order the right ISBN of the book so that it comes bundled with a registration code.

You should consider Wiley PLUS if you want to do any of these:

I use Moodle. How can I make use of the test bank?

Contact me—I am in the process of converting the test bank to Moodle, and would love a few guinea pigs.

Is there an AP edition?

Unfortunately, no, but there is an AP edition of Java Concepts 5th ed. AP programs should also consider the AP Study Guide by Fran Trees.

How do I get a review copy?

Please go to the request page for college instructors or for high school instructors.

How can I get the solutions to the exercises?

If you are a student, please ask your instructor. If you are an instructor, please visit http://www.wiley.com/college/horstmann and select "Instructor Resources". You will need to fill out a form and obtain a password to see the solutions to all exercises. If you are neither, we apologize—the book was designed as a part of a college-level course, not for self-study.

Are there solutions to the programming projects?

Unfortunately, you are on your own. The projects are intended as a starting point for instructors, to be fleshed out and modified as desired. No solutions have been prepared.

Is there an electronic version of the book?

Yes. You can either get a desktop edition or purchase the Wiley PLUS course.

What version of Java does the book use?

You need Java 5.0 or later.

Does the book use standard Java only, or do I need to use an additional library?

The book uses only standard Java. No additional libraries are required. 

I want to teach programming concepts, not graphics. Can I skip the graphics sections?

Yes, you can. The book has been designed so that the graphics sections can be safely skipped without disrupting the remainder of the course. Of course, there are quite a few exercises that use graphics, and you won't be able to assign them. They are clearly marked with a G icon.

Why do you use a capital L for liter in Appendix G?

That is the preferred abbreviation in the United States; see http://physics.nist.gov/cuu/Units/outside.html.